5 must-have photography accessories (also great gifts)

These are the most popular camera accessories. 83% of people who are serious about photography have at least 3 out of this list.

  1. Camera bag
  2. Sensor cleaning kit
  3. Tripod
  4. Reflector
  5. Camera case

Camera bags

Camera bags come in a wide variety of options. There are big specialized backpacks where you can carry several cameras and lenses at once. There are more elegant and stylish solutions. Also, a single-camera shoulder bag is popular for its practical use and fast access to the camera.

If you are going on a photoshoot, or just walking around with your, sometimes big, and not so light camera, the weight can be a burden on your hands. Get a camera bag and free your hands for other activities when you are not using the camera. We have compiled a list of most popular camera bag types right HERE.

Sensor cleaning kit

A sensor/lens cleaning kit is a must-have item for a photographer. Sometimes dust and other particles can get onto lenses and sensors, ruining the photos with dots. A professional will always check their lens/sensor for cleanliness before a shoot – you can not afford to waste a day of shooting, expensive studio, makeup, etc, because of a single dust particle on your sensor.

Of course, you can delegate the maintenance of the sensor to a camera equipment company, but why would you pay $50 each time you just need to blow the dust off your sensor?

This sensor cleaning kit includes everything you would need to remove the particles from the sensor or lens, and is completely safe to use on your own. Just be sure to read the manual and never touch the sensor/lens with your fingers!


A tripod is an irreplaceable accessory for the photographer. Have you tried making long exposure shots? I mean with exposures of 5 seconds and more? You definitely need a tripod for that.

Long exposure shots are a great thing to play around with night photography, and also taking photos of moving water like a river or a waterfall. The results are stunning! This particular tripod we offer also comes with a phone mount so you can use your phone with the tripod!


A reflector can do magic with your photos! Used to redirect the light to/away from the model, add a pleasant golden/silver glow to the model, or diffuse the too harsh sunlight.

Rarely a professional portrait photographer will go without a reflector. This particular reflector we offer is a portable one and you can easily take it with you! It also includes 5 different variations – white, golden, silver, a diffuser and a black one to completely block the light.

Camera case

Not so obvious, but the definite winner in terms of aesthetics – a camera case. Silicon camera cases add individuality to your camera and protect it from scratches and small shocks, while still allowing access to all the buttons and compartments. It also prevents the camera from sliding off surfaces. Very original and a definitive winner if you are looking for a gift for a photographer. You just have to get to know their camera model – available for all the popular models!


If you are interested in photography and serious about it or just learning, these 5 items are one of the first items you should consider, well, after the camera itself.

If you already have a camera – good for you! But if you want a new one or are just looking to get started – you should definitely check out our compilation of 5 Best Beginner Cameras of 2020!

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